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2020-12-04 08:18:52

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With our Immortals Fenyx Rising guide you will learn more about How to increase maximum stamina.

What to know about the resistance in Immortals Fenyx Rising?

In the same way that in many open games in this we have a resistance meter, which marks the use of the different actions that we get to execute, among which are running, climbing and more, specifically we are in need of understanding then How to increase the maximum stamina and for this purpose we will have the following content.

How to increase the maximum stamina in Immortals Fenyx Rising?

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It is necessary that we first get to the hall of the gods, here we have to make the change of the lightning of Zeus that is in the vaults of Tartars in more resistance, which will take us to said location is the mission that has gods and monsters as name , which will be presented early in the game, now depends on the exploration and the difficulty in which we are playing which allows us to determine the time it will take us to reach this, after we arrive at the hall of the gods, we can use the Zeus bank and get to get the Zeus lightning to have a maximum resistance, but this improvement requires that we have 4 Zeus lightning bolts, thus making the resistance indicator increase, it is important to note that when the first increase occurs to the second requires greater resources and these occur successively.

There is a kind of burning craters that appear on the map, this is part of the Tartar vaults that will give us access to the Zeus lightning, it is a mini puzzle to be completed that is here inside and as a prize we get this, with We just have to go to Zeus's bank to improve it, with Fatrsight's ability we have the correct option that will lead us to locate Zeus's lightning bolt if we have problems to do so, it is ideal for scanning the entire area to our around and if we use it from a high point it is much more effective.

In this way we end our Immortals Fenyx Rising guide, now you know how to increase maximum stamina, just enjoy it to the fullest.

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