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Guide to learn where to find Indika in Immortals Fenyx Rising

  One of the things that characterizes Indika in Immortals Fenyx Rising is the wide variety of materials that you can use in the game and combine with them. One of those things is about the mounts that you can use once you have managed to tame an animal. One of the animals that you may be interested in taming is Indika and if you have no idea how to achieve that, don't worry! that this guide is for you.

Where to find Indika in Immortals Fenyx Rising?

Indika is a pale blue horse and will be on her feet in the spring. All players have to do it crouching down and slowly approach Indika. You don't have to hide from the Epic Mount.
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Players will find this epic mount in the Valley of Eternal Spring. Taming Indika also unlocks the Oceancookie trophy.

To tame her approach slowly and if you see a red exclamation mark, stop moving. When the exclamation point disappears, start moving again. Get up close and tame Epic Mount. Once you do that, you will unlock the Oceancookie trophy. If you are having trouble finding the bracket, please refer to the image below for its exact location.

  Now that you know where to find Indika in Immortals Fenyx Rising you can have a new animal to be able to travel around the map without problems. Luck!

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