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2021-03-26 08:21:09

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If you want to know how to solve the Immortals Fenyx Celestial Dragon Tomb puzzle, this article has everything you need to know.

What is the Immortals Fenyx Celestial Dragon Tomb puzzle about?

It is a puzzle that you will come across during the search for the Celestial Dragon's Tomb in the new DLC Myths of the Eastern Kingdom in Immortals Fenyx Rising, being one of the several that you can find throughout the game.

How to solve the Immortals Fenyx Celestial Dragon Tomb puzzle?

When you start this puzzle you will find a pressure plate on the ground, on which you will have to stand so that the red shield of the strange and caustic plant disappears.
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In front a little to the right you will see another larger pressure plate that you will have to activate with more weight than yours. So you will have to head to the tunnel next to that pressure plate to find another pressure plate on the ground with two blocks on it, which will activate a vent that blows a fan and keeps the door behind you open.

Look for the energy wall with a block behind it in front and on which you will find a platform with another pressure plate.

You will need to launch two blocks from the lower pressure plate towards the platform> jump behind them> place them on the upper pressure plate.

After this you will have to use your clone to add additional weight to the platform and then stand on it and hold down the R1 and B button, when your clone appears you will have to get off and launch the block that is behind the wall of energy that is has vanished.

When you are out of the room, you will have to throw the upper blocks to the lower pressure plate to open the door> then you will have to take the blue block to the pressure plate in front of the tunnel and hit it using your ax, it which will allow you to enlarge it and go to the other pressure plate> shoot an arrow through the brazier that appears after using the blue block on the plate and send it to the plant to complete the puzzle.

 Now that you know how to solve the Immortals Fenyx Celestial Dragon Tomb puzzle, we hope that our guide will be as useful as possible, and you will be able to complete this puzzle when before.

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