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The challenges in Fortnite don't stop and this is great, as it allows us to talk to you about How to use gold in chapter 2 season 5

What is gold in Fortnite?

It is necessary to emphasize that this is simply a highly valuable resource, however in this game it usually allows us to interact with some NPCs, it simply works as a game mechanic that is novel enough, since it allows us to have a favorable change and that in a way it can get confusing if we don't know exactly how to use it.
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How to get gold in chapter 2 season 5 in Fortnite?

Undoubtedly this lagoon is a resource that has been introduced as a novelty because it is usually given as a reward in a certain way since there are several tasks that we usually perform and that allows us to access this resource that we can perfectly well get in chests or in some loot that may have left some enemies.

How to use gold in chapter 2 season 5 in Fortnite?

 This is a resource to which it is possible to give its respective favorable use, since it allows us to use it in NPCs, in such a way that we can buy weapons or services from them, the detail is that these NPCs are not usually everywhere, they are usually located in specific places.

 The NPCs can offer you some items that we can buy them with gold and they are these:

  •  Weapons.
  • Mythical weapons.
  • Healing items.
  • Ammunition
  • We can hire them so they can continue as a Stark robot.
  • We get to revive a teammate.

 Now that you know how to use gold in chapter 2 season 5, it is time to embark on this quest and make our challenges easier and more fun moments in Fortnite.

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