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Our guide today on Immortals Fenyx Rising lets us talk to you about How to get golden amber, let's see.

What is golden amber in Immortals Fenix Rising?

This is simply a rare and necessary enough resource in this game because it seems in a way a type of currency that can be used to get the Professional Potion achievement trophy since in reality amber serves us for better potions, it does not exist another element or tool that can be improved with this resource.
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How to get golden amber in Immortals Fenyx Rising?

This resource is not usually obtained easily, because unlike others that can be in chests everywhere, this makes us look a little more, in such a way that it becomes necessary to take care of finding some particular chests, considering that there are specific chests in the which we will not get the amber and these are:

  •  Epic chests.
  • Guarded chests.
  • Night chests.


 Our work to get both leads us to explore a good amount, as we get enough normal chests because it is necessary to dedicate ourselves to opening them, when we are lucky it is possible to find 3 golden ambers in a chest, it does not mean that it is a quick process but it can It is said that it is safe and above all quite easy, however, it is not the only way we have to obtain this resource and this is because it is possible to find it at the base of some trees, which leads us to have to cut some amount of trees to obtain this valuable resource.

It should be noted that heroic missions can also be a source of amber since it is only necessary to embark on completing missions and once they are ready to return to the task board of the Hall of the Gods, it is necessary to make it clear that although it is true they can offer us Amber does not usually occur in large quantities, but somehow this resource is achieved.

 Now that you know how to get golden amber it's time to embark on this quest at Immortals Fenyx Rising.

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