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Learn How to solve the Path of the Olympians puzzle as it is a necessary task in Immortals Fenyx Rising.

What to know about the puzzle of the Path of the Olympics in Immortals Fenyx Rising?

In order to obtain something as important as the Lightning of Zeus, it is necessary that we know how to solve the puzzle of the Path of the Olympians, since it is required to be able to improve our skills, so to find the answers to this question we must put the due pay attention to what the following content of this guide offers us.

How to solve the Path of the Olympics puzzle in Immortals Fenyx Rising?

Once we start in the level we will see that there is a chest that is behind a force field, our steps must be to the right where we will find mobile platforms to jump on these, being in them we have to jump through the cellar which is on the walls to move forward, then through 3 holes until we reach the corridor, here there are some red circles that are platforms in which we must place some square blocks to be able to reach the Lightning of Zeus, we must bring the blocks here, so we must go through the door on the right until we get to interact with the terminal, which causes the back door to close, creating a square block at Immortals Fenyx Rising.
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What we will do from here to advance in terms of How to solve the puzzle of the Way of the Olympians to lift the block and jump towards the platforms, having a space between the walls with laser rays, in this space we must place the block to be able to cross In the hole that is in the wall, being a total of 3 which we will cross and on the right platform we must put the cube, which allows the door of the platform to be opened where there is another block, we take it and pass in the same way as before through the wall, once we cross we will be in the same room and on one of the platforms we will put the block, followed by this we will go through the opposite door to the one we recently passed through, when we interact with it, a square block but the back door closes, we continue with the puzzle and we have to carry the block through the platforms, considering that this time there is no space to pass the block and there are doors in the walls.

The use of the blocks allows us to go through the spaces to open the door and get to the other side to take the block again, it is necessary that we do it one more time and take the block again, reaching a room with 2 platforms, in the second is where we will put the block, thereby causing the flow of an air stream that will come out from the platforms ahead, it is necessary that we use the wings to go with the current and reach the top where the chest and the Lightning are of Zeus.

In conclusion, knowing how to solve the puzzle of the Path of the Olympics is excellent because we can advance further in this interesting and moving game such as Immortals Fenyx Rising.

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