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We are not professional chefs, but we can give you some smoothie recipes for Grounded that will be very useful for you.

What a son the shakes on Earth.

They are practically one of the forms of food that you have in the game, remember that it is a survival title where food will be very important in order to survive. But also some of these shakes will help you regain health and endurance as well as mitigate hunger.

Smoothie recipes for Grounded.

To make a shake station we will need to analyze the Grub Goop resource by harvesting a Grub from the ground and taking it to a field station and they will need three more ingredients to create a shake station:
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    • An acorn top.
    • Four sprigs.
    • Five Grub Goop.

    When creating a station you should be aware that smoothies that can be unpredictable and some can end up hurting you. So here the key is to experiment with the ingredients you are getting and memorizing the shakes that help you like some of the following:

    • Fuzz on the Rocks, whose ingredients are: mite fluff, quartz and a pebble
    • Boost Juice, our ingredients are: aphids, mushrooms and pieces of acorn.
    • Green machine, our ingredients are: twig, clover leaf and vegetable fiber

    These are all the recipes for earth shakes that until now we know, we will be investigating and making new combinations to bring more sooner. In the same way you can do the same, combine ingredients and test the results.

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