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Our tour of Grounded has allowed us to elaborate many things, today we will see how to get bomb recipe

What is Bomb for Grounded?

  It is evident that in this game we find ourselves in the need to elaborate an interesting amount of elements that allow us to defend ourselves against bugs, since specifically knowing how to get Bomb recipe means that we are in the possibility of manufacturing a very useful tool, and it is that here we get bugs of all sizes, because this is a task that is vital to face large insects so let's not turn around and see how to do it because our goal is to survive under any circumstance.
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    How to get Bomb recipe at Grounded?

    Normally we are immersed in a world where surviving is not an option, it is the only option, and this makes us look for some important resources to access a Bomb recipe that allows us to be safe from large insects, especially this can be A fundamental weapon when we go for the ant's eggs, obtaining this recipe means obtaining the following elements:


    •  2 fungal growths: these are obtained from the infected weevils to the southwest of the rake, it is ideal to have a gas mask to avoid being damaged, since they generate a dangerous gas cloud.
    • 1 ant egg: this task is difficult and is given by the landmark Jabby Cola feet this is located between the oak planks and the river in the first field station, of course this means that we will have to venture into a fight against the anteater soldiers.
    •  4 pieces of dry grass: these we can get near the ant hills are the easiest ingredient to get

     Now that you know how to get Bomb recipe, it is important that you prepare it in Grounded and tell us how you like it.

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