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Grounded allows us to carry out endless activities that involve valuable objects, this allows us to explain how to craft a gas mask

What is the gas mask for Grounded?

In a game where bugs are the order of the day and are usually stinky, since they have some highly dangerous gas bag leaving a lethal aroma, it is important to know how to craft a gas mask, as it ends up being an extremely necessary resource Because we are talking about having to explore and this means getting us with many bugs and places that are usually dangerous, since this allows us to visit some places in search of some necessary tools that allow us to make it as soon as possible.
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    How to craft gas mask in Grounded?

    The first thing to consider is to get all the necessary materials, as this involves getting some ingredients that are not really strange, but due to dangerous bugs it can be a somewhat complicated task, and requires the following ingredients to do it.


    •  1 weevil nose: This is easy to do as they usually roam the grass.
    • 4 Hairy mosquitoes: these usually rub in the air, which implies causing a blow.
    • 2 woven fibers: these are obtained after analyzing the vegetable fiber in the resource analyzer.
    • 1 part of stinkbug: this is something more complex to get because it is a dangerous garden creature, it is obtained in many places especially in the southwest, only it is necessary to arm ourselves with patience because it occupies us for a long time, it is necessary to keep fighting with it so that it does not heal and we can catch it.

     This is all you need to know about craft a gas mask, as we obviously put all the resources together and ready to fight other bugs in Grounded.

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