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This article seeks to answer everyone who is wondering how to get grub hide in Grounded.

What is grub hide in Grounded?

It is just one of the many elements that you will need to find during your backyard adventure and that will be very useful. So knowing how to get it will be very important and here we will teach you how to get grub hide.

How to get grub hide in Grounded?

In order to get this accessory we will have to make sure we get an acorn pieces shovel that you get by breaking acorn with the hammer and have found the way to the acorn tree (the big tree with red / orange leaves). Head up the tree and kill the spiders and other enemies that you can find along the way.
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    It is very important also, that before this search begins you have a hammer, which will be the help to break the bells that you will find along the way.

    Upon reaching the acorn tree we find some larvae digging underground near the roots of the tree. Find the burrow of the larvae and dig them up before they try to escape or kill you.

    When you're done with the Grub, you can remove the Grub Hide directly from its back by walking towards the corpse and picking up the item.

    That is all you have to know about how to get grub hide in Ground, we hope that our article has been very useful for you and you have obtained this valuable item and take advantage of everything you can get with it.

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