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Searches are a very normal matter in Valheim, and therefore it is convenient to tell you How to get a Lox cape.

Why get a Lox cape in Valheim?

It is a special layer that brings with it a damage modifier, which passes through the fact of killing a Lox first, this becomes Haldor's pet, so it is ideal that it be understood considering this How to get a Lox cape, and it is what will be oriented in the content that comes next in this guide, let's see it.
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    How to get a Lox cape in Valheim?

    It must be done in the second level of the forge, using Lox cape x6 and silver x2, in the case of skins we will be able to obtain them in the plains biome, while silver is obtained by using the Wishbone that we took from the Bonemass boss, the resistance support by the Lox cape is considerable, managing to be immune to the damage caused by the frost when carrying it through the mountain biome, to get the Lox skin is certainly required Then from a ship to avoid the attacks of the snake and go to the plains biome, there are many orders of Lox here and that when we kill them we obtain their skin for each one of those we kill, but be careful with them because they are capable of swimming and attack our ship.

      Now that you know how to get a Lox cape, it's time to put it to use in Valheim.

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