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Valheim: How to Find Dandelion

2021-02-22 08:20:58

Searches are present regularly in Valheim and that is why today we tell you How to find the dandelion.

What is dandelion in Valheim?

It is one of the most important resources that are presented in the game, with this we can use it for potions and mead bases, certainly there are flowers and plants that are in the different biomes and specifically the dandelion, getting it requires a lot So, to understand How to find the dandelion we must follow the guidance offered by this guide and the following content.

How to find dandelion in Valheim?

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    The grasslands' biome is the right place to find the dandelion, it is a plant with yellow flowers, its use in the game is mainly to make less mead, which is of great support for survival when recovering health Something and for its manufacture requires dandelion x1, raspberries x10, blueberries x5 and honey x10, it is important to always know what you want to do to have the necessary ingredients, once we are going to find resources like this, it is appropriate that let us group them in a chest at our base to avoid having to work more on their cultivation.

    Before we can use this resource like dandelions, it requires that we have created the forge, the cauldron and the fermenter, then we can use it as a mead base that will have advantageous effects on our health and help us with other foods, now there are also thistles, which are capable of fulfilling a similar function by being useful as mead bases, the potion of resistance to frost in the mountain and poison for the swamp, even from other dishes and this requires less forging and of the cauldron to do so, working with the dandelion requires more of it, so it will be appropriate to store them when you know how to find them.

    Now that we know how to find the dandelion, we can have a bigger head start for progress in Valheim.

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