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You want to know how to use curses in Sea of ​​Thieves, because we tell you that you are in the right place because everything is covered here.

What should we know about the curses in Sea of ​​Thieves?

In the game we find 3 different curses, these are objects of variety, without affecting or modifying the way in which we play and serving as a cosmetic piece so that we have our character as we progress through the game, in this guide we are going to see how to use curses, for this reason we pay close attention to its content and that it is presented right now.

How to use curses in Sea of ​​Thieves?

To know how to use curses let's see any with these below:

  • The Order: it is used with the spots of darkness that are faced with the ink of the kraken, which allows us to see beyond this world, by equipping ourselves with this object we have that our character will vote ink for his eyes.
  • The banks of gold: those who hoard gold are involved in this curse, when this item is equipped we have that in the body of our character some random portions of the pieces of gold will appear in it.
  • The ashes: a lord of the ashes has taken control over us, although burning is more viable than becoming faded, the body of the character when this object is equipped having a magma structure being the same interior as a volcano in Sea of ​​thieves.

The vanity chests allow us to equip and change the curses, these are found on the outside of the clothing stores, in our ship, it is necessary that to win them we can complete challenges from the high tale and thus earning the necessary praise for This and the challenges are as follows:
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    • Go down the path of the abandoned flame
    • Go down the path of the burning heart
    • Discover the chest of the wrath of the rising fire
    • Discover Stitcher Jim's diaries in the stitcher schemes
    • Complete the story of the heart of fire
    • Complete the story 3 times about the savior of souls.
    • Discover the accumulating gold coin on the path of forgotten fortune
    • Complete Shores og Gold
    • Discover Briggsy's diaries in the stain of greed
    • Return the skull of the gold hoarder 5 times to the gold lord
    • In the Cinderella curse you have to complete the logos for the tale of the heart of fire
    • Discover the mysterious hideout of Stitcher Jim
    • Go the way of the eternal king.
    • Retrieve the skeleton key
    • Return the curse relic of I begged to the capital Briggsy
    • Defeat Captain Briggsy and be free at last
    • Complete The Cursed Rogue
    • Discover the hunter's diaries
    • Complete the High Tale 5 times, being Briggsy's biggest enemy
    • For the tale of the golden coast complete all the praise
    • Reach the gold coast on the island of fable

    When we complete the eulogy once, then we need to redo 5 other times for the tall tale, taking out the curse of the ashen, which will be only 3 times, not available for the whole game, more story post is possible in the future with more curses added, the unlock goes through multiple repeats of the content.

    Finally, now that we know how to use curses we can continue on this incredible adventure in Sea of ​​Thieves.

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