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BitLife: How to Complete House Flipper Challenge

2020-06-09 13:56:42

Our walk through BitLife simply allows us to accomplish many tasks, let's see How to complete the Flipper house challenge

What are the requirements to complete the Flipper House Challenge at BitLife?

 As we get into the game we get some pretty good activities, because at this point it is worth mentioning that it is necessary to know how to complete the challenge of Flipper's house, but in order to do it you first have to focus on meeting certain requirements and these are:

  •  Have the possibility of selling at least 10 houses.
  • Be 60 years or younger.
  • Start a first generation.
  • You are required to earn at least $ 1.5 million related to real estate earnings.
  • Never having had any full-time job.

How to complete the Flipper House Challenge in BitLife?

 The best thing to start this challenge is when we turn 188, but we must consider that we can complete some requirements before doing it, because at that age we still do not have real estate and it is best to choose to get a job Part time that allows us to work part of the day and another to dedicate ourselves to other activities in BitLife.

An interesting activity that is not very complex is opting for self-classes to some high school classmates, because it allows us to get money little by little without leaving the requirements that include zero full-time activities, especially limited that our character started with absolutely nothing.

Part-time work will allow us to get money and our finances can grow, because sometimes we may find a character who may have inherited a fortune from his parents' as a boy, only this is no longer valid What to Know How to complete the Flipper House Challenge easily allows us to carry out activities on our own and our effort.

As we advance we can get to buy a house quickly, because there is no need to go to university, because independent jobs allow us to obtain money and it is possible to carry out at convenient times, we must be excellent operators, because we can buy houses, adapt them and then we proceed to sell them, because we do not need many houses, we need to make profits from our sales in real estate.

The sale of the houses allows us to quickly obtain assets in BitLife, because remember that another requirement is to have a minimum of $ 1.5 million in earnings, a very high figure but not impossible to reach, because it is necessary to consider these numbers:

  • The minimum amount for the sale of houses is 10.
  • It is possible to sell houses in the order of 200 or 300 thousand dollars.
  • Getting to buy high quality houses because it is the one to which you can take full advantage of profits.
  • And most importantly, do it before the age of 60.

In this sense, as soon as we know how to complete the Flipper house challenge, we can easily count on high possibilities that our objectives can be perfectly achieved in BitLife.

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