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2022-08-05 10:07:55

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Getting errors in games is normal, let's see How to fix the Purchase Failed ship error in Sea of Thieves.

What is the Failed Ship Purchase in Sea of Thieves?

This is a problem that usually occurs in this game and that is shown to us as a message that tells us "Purchase error!" This usually occurs every time we try to buy a ship, so it is vital to know how to solve The Failed purchase of a ship in Sea of Thieves, even when we have the necessary coins to acquire the ship, we will always come across the impossibility of getting it.

How to fix the Purchase Failed ship error Sea of Thieves?

In case of getting us with this error, unfortunately, there is very little we can do, it is only possible to close the current application of the game and try again.
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This error may be due to a possible overload on the servers, above all, we must bear in mind that this error usually occurs more frequently when we are starting a season.

This error can occur due to the fact that there is a considerable influx of players, some leave, others try to enter to buy their first ship and this can generate a kind of collapse causing the error to appear.

We must agree to close the application and restart it, by doing so, either the purchase has been made or we will see that the money may have been returned to us, if in any case you do this process, and even wait a while for the server issue and If you cannot make the purchase, it is possible to contact the support team and present the problem to them.

We can conclude this guide on How to fix the Purchase Failed ship error Sea of Thieves, so there is no better solution, hopefully this is only a temporary issue and soon this will be part of history.

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