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The new challenges in Gunfire Reborn lead us to explain how to beat Yoruhime-Maru in precise detail.

Who is Yoruhime-Maru in Gunfire Reborn?

  This is the last boss that we will face in the game, counting in his favor with the fact that reaching 25 percent of HP activates an immunity mechanic against any attack that can cause damage, it is important that we have the strategy in against the octopus that is on the left or right so that it loses that state of immunity, to have more details that can help us regarding How to beat Yoruhime-Maru we have the content of this guide and it will be presented right now.

How to beat Yoruhime-Maru in Gunfire Reborn?

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As we are already in this combat our first focus is on the destruction of the cannons, then this enemy launches projectiles throughout the area, keeping us moving can help us avoid them, taking into account that it is not the only concern since there is fire from mortar that we must also avoid, when running in any direction, at the time that we lower his HP to 25 percent, the boss will enter the immune phase, where the purpose for this not to be is the elimination of the octopus that will be in the area, when eliminating it, the boss is going to throw corrosive grenades at us, which will corrode to the ground, but if we shoot them we can avoid corrosion throughout the area.

The next stage we have that Yorume-Maru is going to take out to face a giant cannon, with the cause a lot of damage, in the same way as the previous combat stage, carry out a corrosion on the ground, in the same way we must prevent it from happening, In addition to the fact that it is appearing throughout the area, we must also avoid mortar fires again, with our grenade ability it is possible that we keep the area free of those that will be added and thus focus directly on the boss, thus achieving finish him off.

Now that we know how to beat Yoruhime-Maru, we just have to apply the details specified here and emerge victorious in Gunfire Reborn.

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