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Our guide today on Xbox Series X is directly related to explaining everything about The new interface, let's see.

What is the new interface in Xbox Series X?

Just a few days ago, we got a very striking update selected Mercury, but we were all puzzled, as we were not aware of some data about what it was or how it worked, what is true is what is directly linked to the generation of Xbox Series X and this makes it even more of interest to everyone.

It is likely that most users of the betas Xbox program have obtained access to this update, and this has obtained some impressions, where it is possible to observe the new interface affected to the Microsoft store and here we explain what these changes are.

  • The new interface presents us with a cleaner store.
  • Everything is possible to see in sections located vertically.
  • A menu of short lines.
  • The reorganization of elements such as videos or screenshots.
  • Perfect organization of cadres.
  • It includes a novelty, it is possible to see that the elements present are round.

With the application of this new interface, it is possible to consider that it is only related to merely aesthetic changes, only that these are probably not completely associated, but in itself this is an advance.
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How to test the new interface in Xbox Series X?

It is important to be clear that there is only one way to access and it is if we are not part of the Xbox Insider program, we will simply have to wait some time, until the Xbox Series X has been launched, since it is evident that Microsoft does not want to make some mistakes again From the past, what is evident is that we can only access the Mercury update, which is currently in Alpha Ring format and functions only as a test ring that only a very limited number of users can access, and this in a way it is due to the possibility that users can learn to function on this console, only it is a little bad that it has limited, because it is a console that promises a lot and most users want to have complete knowledge.

What is quite clear is that it is Xbox X Seires X that has given us a lot to talk about lately, and we are all eager for its arrival, since the idea is to have this console to access many contents that may take up some time, because logically the fidelity for her is quite evident.

Definitely knowing how to access The new interface easily puts us one step ahead and with that we have favorable advantages for when Xbox Series X finally arrives.

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