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Destiny 2 is a very busy game and today it will take us to discover How to complete the memory of Omar Agah.

What to know about Omar Agah's memory in Destiny 2?

This is one of the game's quests, where each week we will receive a memory-related quest from Eris Morn on The Moon, which leads us to obtain a reward and chronify our team's journey, Omar became a hunter who suffered a terrible fate when he descended into the well with others, before dying the light of Crota's heart arrangement, in this guide we have the purpose of finding the details that we seek to know How to complete the memory of Omar Agah and for this we continue.

How to complete Omar Agah's memory in Destiny 2?

Defeat a magician: the powerful enemies that we find in the game are those with the orange bar, it is important that for this reason we have a Super that allows us to cause explosion damage, being a nova bomb, the golden cannon and Thundercrash well known , on the altar of the pains of the moon we are going to find many powerful magicians, determined that it is possible to enter the K1 Ls revelation by killing the magician after having finished with the armored glass, it is important that we keep in mind that our final blow It has to be with our special ability, in which case it will not work.
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    • Precision kills of bows and rifles: now we have to perform precision kills, this against enemies and powerful guards in cruise or gambit with bows and rifles, in which case you have to be good with PvP, if so we will kill Quickly to these, otherwise we may find a sniper rifle or bow, such as Izanagi's Burden, Leviathan's Breath, Whisper of the Worm, etc., so it has to work, in turn when going to places that are with many Powerful enemies, it may be in the escalation protocol of Mars or in the lost sectors, or the Leviathan raid, it may take time to achieve our purpose, but in doing so we have to return to Eris tomorrow on the moon, continue to the portal, Here we will deliver some knives from Omar, at the end of the dialogue we will have understood more in relation to the fire team, then we access the chest where our reward is.

    In this way we finish our guide to Destiny 2, now you know how to complete the memory of Omar Agah, just enjoy it to the fullest.

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