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Nioh 2: Where to find Ruin Draws Near Kodama

2020-03-18 15:58:17

Our Nioh 2 journey leads us to find out where to find a ruin drawn near Kodama

Why should I know where to find ruin drawn near Kodama in Nioh 2?

First and perhaps most relevant is because these collectibles allow us to get an extra elixir that we can afford to get in the kodoma sanctuary, since there are a total of 7 collectibles that are missing in the sanctuaries and our goal is to get them to obtain a trophy, which allows us to be the leader of kodoma, this allows us on the one hand to earn a considerable amount of benefits and on the other hand it opens the possibility of obtaining another 150 collectibles

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    Where to find ruin drawn near Kodama in Nioh 2?

    There is the possibility of being able to repeat a mission if we consider it so, since lost objects are usually available to take them within a mission or submission, since none of them usually last for a long time while we are here, here are the places where we can get these objects:

    First Kodoma.

    To get to this first location it is necessary to advance in the first mission, for this it is necessary to move up the ladder on the right side, and climb until we reach the top of the bridge where we can see a kodoma in one corner.

    Second kodoma.

    After having obtained the first, we must mobilize in search of the next, since this activity of knowing where to find the ruin drawn near kodoma, we will have to throw a bomb against the wall in order to break it or shoot at the barrel where we can locate the kodoma inside, to get to this place exactly it is necessary to locate ourselves in the second Sanctuary and go inside through the large door, then cross another corridor where we finally observe the weakened wall that allows us to visualize the barrel

    Third kodoma.

    In Nioh 2 it is necessary to follow the sequence of the kodomas, therefore we go to the third and to reach it it is necessary to enter a room only that we will have to deal with clearing the Dark Kingdom of the area, as this does not allow us to claim it, so because after the second kodoma we move and climb the stairs that are nearby, then we turn left to continue climbing until finally reaching the corner always on the left side where we observe the room

    Fourth kodoma.

    At this point we managed to clean the Dark Kingdom with the second bell, with all this ready it is only a matter of moving to the next building and from there we will turn the corner where we are allowed to go down to the next secret room with which we are and finally there we will see the next kodoma.

    Fifth kodoma.

    We get this kodoma leaving the building, to get there we will have to locate ourselves in the Third Sanctuary, from there it is necessary to climb the stairs in order to clear the Dark Kingdom, after there we will have to go down the stairs on the right side, then We advance a bit and continue going down until we get out of the enclosure where we will obviously see the kodoma.

    Sixth kodoma.

    Finally we have achieved the fifth to go through the next kodoma, for this it is necessary to return to the building again and proceed to break the Yokai wall, because behind it is the kodoma.

    Seventh kodoma.

    We are located in the third sanctuary of kodama, from there it is necessary to move through the stairs, because we will have to climb them and proceed to lower the broken pillar that is right in front of us, then we will go up to the pillar leaning on it and when we are up we will move to the broken entrance that will be in front of us, we proceed to go down the broken staircase where we are presented with the possibility of achieving the final mission of the kodoma called Draws Near.

    We can end our guide on where to find ruin drawn near Kodama, keeping in mind that we must go in sequence and thereby achieve the goal of the 7 locations in Nioh 2.
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