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Searches are important in Nioh 2 and therefore it is convenient to tell you Where to find a distant dream Kodama

What are kodomas in Nioh 2?

These are nothing more than a type of spirits similar to frogs only that they have the possibility of offering us some advantages, which leads us to know Where to find a distant dream Kodama, based on the need to carry out a mission in the waters hot springs.

Where to find a distant dream Kodama in Nioh 2?

  The first source of hot springs has 7 kodomas, this is usually located next to the skulls, this makes us have to take care of crossing the wooden bridge, in such a way that it takes us to pass the right cabin and from there choose to turn to the right once more, to get to the torch where the source that has these kodomas is.
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  • First kodoma: this is usually located behind a rock, which makes us have to go back a bit when we reach the hot spring and take a look at a tree that is next to the torch in Nioh 2, as this allows it to be used with the object of crossing and thus taking the ideal path to achieve it.
  • Second kodoma: to get it, it is necessary to enter a rock through a door, this makes us go back to the right from the location of the previous kodoma, then take care of climbing to the wooden platform in order to cross the bridge, a Once this has happened, we must turn left and then turn left again where we can see the door.
  • Third kodoma: Our objective of knowing Where to find a distant dream Kodama allows us to carry out this necessary search, and it is particularly hidden, so that it is necessary to leave the cave, once this has been achieved we must pull the lever that is usually located next to the game that allows us to open it.
  • Fourth kodoma: this kodoma in Nioh 2 is usually behind the wooden pillar, this makes us climb the stairs in order to walk to the right, as this allows us to go through the bones and go to the right to access the passage and thus locate it.
  • Quinta Kodoma: our search to know Where to find a distant dream Kodama allows us to focus on this search that is located above a piece of land, so that this makes us jump to the wooden bridge that is located on the right side of the platform, once there it is necessary to continue and turn right, then we turn left to access the terrain.
  • Sixth kodoma: This is usually located behind a pillar in Nioh 2, so that this leads us to jump down in order to go to the bridge and thus reach the platform.
  • Seventh kodoma: this is usually achieved once we have managed to jump to the platform below, after having taken the spiral staircase, this makes you have to continue from the previous location and move to the other side of the platform, once here turn to the left, then we must take the path that takes us to the right, we continue the route to the left and in this way we will climb the stairs that take us through the bones in order to reach the highest ground in Nioh 2. The second source of hot springs has two kodomas, to find this source it is only necessary to jump the platform of the last kodoma of the previous source.
  • Eighth kodoma: It is only necessary to have the possibility of mobilizing through the path that is near the source.
  • Ninth kodoma: this is usually down so that it is necessary to stand on the switch and proceed to activate the platform that can take us down, this is a task that makes you have to go back and continue forward to get to jump to the lower level, here it is necessary to turn 180 degrees, then we must lower the spiral to make use of the final ladder in order to go down to locate a door with the switch.

 This is all we know about Where to find a distant dream Kodama, which gives us the opportunity to mobilize a bit through Nioh 2.

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