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Nioh 2: How To beat Kato Danzo

2020-03-19 11:45:33

The bosses do not stop going out in Nioh 2 today we will explain how to beat Kato Danzo in this guide that is phenomenal.

Who is kato Danzo in Nioh 2?


 This is just another of the bosses that we come across while we play and that we must beat because it leaves us no alternative, the combats are more and more frequent and this enemy will try to trick us with his tricks taking advantage of the speed that he brings with him.


What can we say about the battle against Kato Danzo in Nioh 2?


 Like any boss, the challenge we encounter is quite complex, as it could be said that we should be prepared for defeat, since the statistics necessary to be used here require us to have 75 of composition, as this implies the need for our ki and health can be increased and with it contribute to its rapid regeneration, because in a way the How to beat Kato Danzo depends on it


 Another aspect to consider is magic and ability, since we will have to have a minimum of 20, as this could allow us to make the ki pulse more effective, offering us the possibility of making our spells more effective, where the onmyo's power and ability are strong enough when using them.
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    How to beat kato Danzo in Nioh 2?

     Waiting for him to attack and dodge him, to give him some attacks is the best option we can take, because he will always try to put us in the back since we started, he is also a boss who loves to move continuously, in addition to using spells to sometimes disappear suddenly, because it will do everything possible to make use of all its arsenal to eliminate us.


     Kato Danzo definitely flaunts his attacks to eliminate us, as he launches lightning bolts and smoke bombs, and this becomes complicated because he gains us an enormous advantage, but he does not stay there because even when we are at a great distance he will seek to throw objects at us.


     In order to beat him apart from dodging attacks and hitting him, it is necessary to use Odachi, especially looking for it to coincide with his, since this allows us to make him fall. Fighting constantly is the most ideal until kato puts an end to his movements, it is necessary to be resistant and agile because being attentive it is possible to knock him down in just 5 minutes of combat.


    This is all we need to know about How to beat Kato Danzo one of the most agile bosses we can get with on our Nioh 2 journey.

    PlayStation 4 PS4
    Action role-playing
    Team Ninja
    Koei Tecm, Sony Interactive Entertainment
    Release date:
    March 13, 2020
    Single-player, multiplayer
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