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Nioh 2: How to Beat Otakemaru

2020-12-23 08:34:31

The action in Nioh 2 does not stop, so we are going to explain how to beat Otakemaru.

Who is Otakemaru at Nioh 2?

It is a samurai that we have to face, considering that its greatest weakness is purity, but it has resistance to almost all the elements, so it is necessary that we have an idea of ​​how to beat Otakemaru and for this we have some advice offered in the content Next, let's see them.

How to beat Otakemaru in Nioh 2?

We will go through a fight that is divided into 3 phases, this opponent attacks with one of the 3 Yokai turns, such as Brutus, Feral and Phantasm, the slowest one is Brutus so the jump is suitable and attack him with some combos, while in the case of Feral we have the opposite, it is the fastest, being in this form we must be in a medium range and perform the counterattack to damage it and finally there is the Phantom form, here we have to be more aggressive until its health drops to 50 percent to bring us to phase 2 of the damage.

At this stage we are going to see how this boss becomes a Yokai, using one of the 3 types of swords, where the attack pattern for each of them is different, one is the fire attack that we can deal with the cutest of bursts and blocking, if it comes with the ice we only have to walk around the sand and to deal with the lightning we have to avoid it, now the moment its health drops to 25 percent we will be in the final phase, where the attacks of the previous phase will continue to use them only by merging the 3 swords into one, which leads us to blockade to avoid doing us considerable damage.

We hope that the information detailed here on How to beat Otakemaru has been useful to have fun in Nioh 2.

PlayStation 4 PS4
Action role-playing
Team Ninja
Koei Tecm, Sony Interactive Entertainment
Release date:
March 13, 2020
Single-player, multiplayer
age rating:

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