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Lidia Rozo
2021-02-24 14:09:10

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Knowing Where to find all Kodama's eternal rivals is a necessary activity to do in Nioh 2.

How many Kodama perennial rivals are there to find in Nioh 2?

A total of 9 are presented to be found, which have arrived accompanied by the DLC named after the disciple of tengu, this will be available throughout the missions, but it is necessary that we have an idea of ​​Where to find all the eternal rivals Kodama and to guide us, this guide is presented and its following content that will be presented below, let's see.

Where to find all the eternal rivals Kodama in Nioh 2?

First: near the second sanctuary of salvation we have the first Kodama, it is necessary to go through the wooden path that is near the bright crystals and go down to the first floor to see it next to the staircase.

Second: starting from the location where we found the first Kodama, we will go up the stairs until we pass through the walkway that leads to a platform, we will drop onto the platform below us and near here we get this second Kodama.
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Third: it is necessary that we go in Nioh 2 for the second sanctuary of salvation, doing the same as in the first Kodama, we have to go to the first floor and this time we will go to the corner that is close to the pillars to find the third of the Kodama.

Fourth: we must go behind the location where we found the third Kodama, through the wooden path we will go up until we reach an area where we will notice a banner deployed everywhere, here is a cave where we will enter and turn to the final right to get the Kodama.

Fifth: starting from the bifurcation of the cave we will arrive at the third sanctuary of salvation, we must go in the direction of the north of this, make a right turn to continue left towards the building, within which we will find the fifth Kodama.

Sixth: what we will do is pass through the bridge that is near the fifth Kodama, returning through the fork where we made the turn to the right, from here we must go now is to the left to go towards the building, in relation to where to find all the eternal rivals Kodama we are going to find a hole in the wall, when entering through this we come to find the fourth sanctuary of salvation, what we will do is turn right to get away from the sanctuary and continue straight on until we have to make a left turn, we do it again to the left another turn, and we will reach the end of the road where we will find the sixth Kodama.

Seventh: it is necessary that we return to the second fork, turn left and follow the flowers, on the right there is a wooden path that will take us to a tree, in the branches is this Kodama.

Eighth: we continue with the searches and this time we have to continue upwards following the tree until we reach a bridge, when crossing it we must make a right turn at the end, we will have 2 divergent ends, and we continue to the left to the end to find this Kudama.

Ninth: we return until we arrive with the purple flowers that allow us to see an alternate path, along this we must continue until we reach the fifth sanctuary of salvation, as long as we do not make any deviation.

This is all you need to know about Where to find all Kodama's perennial rivals and thus proceed to Nioh 2.

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