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Lidia Rozo
2020-12-22 17:46:16

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The most recent update to Nioh 2 is fabulous and this leads us to tell you Where to find the first Mujina samurai

How many Mujina samurai did we get in Nioh 2?

  It is worth mentioning that in this game we are offered the opportunity to get a total of 3 Mujina, the detail is that this involves us working on a mission that is called “a distant dream”, this is a favorable action because it allows us to rescue these creatures in order that they can be of great help in some battles that will be necessary to fight.

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Where to find the first Mujina samurai in Nioh 2?


 There is the possibility of engaging in some rescue activities, this makes us work on a mission and these searches occur in this way:


  •  First Mujina: it is usually necessary to find a way to jump all the way, this makes us climb the slope, so that this makes us stick to the right in order to find a small stone bridge, from this place it is necessary to walk straight to approaching a place that goes down to the left.
  • Second Mujina: we continue the search and this makes us take care of getting the prison key in such a way that this allows us to take care of defeating Konaki-Jiji, now, with the key in our possession it is time to take care of opening the cell and thus freeing him.
  • Third Mujina: Once we have left the previous Mujina, it is necessary to start the last search that involves getting a wooden hut, this makes us take care of going to the nearby sanctuary and thus climbing the stone stairs to free it.

 In this sense, knowing where to find the first Mujina samurai is a vital task that we are allowed to do in Nioh 2 and in this way get some necessary elements to win the battles.

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March 13, 2020
Single-player, multiplayer
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