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Nioh 2 never ceases to amaze us and this allows us to tell you Where to find dragged shadows in Kurama.

What are dragged shadows on Kuruma in Nioh 2?

It is a mission in which we must locate some small green bugs, which are spirits of the trees that are on the earth and in a series of sanctuaries they are found and these offer blessings, being a total of 6 Kodama locations, in This time we will present in this guide the details regarding Where to find dragged shadows in Kurama, so pay close attention to the following content.
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Where to find dragged shadows on Kurama in Nioh 2?


 First: in the first of the sanctuaries we will find this one, having to go specifically to a house near the temple, on the left, which we must cross to get to some fences and in a corner it is.

Second: starting from the previous location point we are going to go through the crossroads with the red lantern to reach the red torii gate as we move forward, then from here we have to go to the sanctuary to climb some stairs, up at the top we are going to go to the Left to jump a platform to find this Kodama.

Third: it is necessary to return to the stairs to go east, when we make the tour we find a dark temple, to the right of the entrance is this Kodama in the back of some nearby plants.

Fourth: we will enter the dark temple to continue our way through a door located to the west, which will take us to a huge tree, as we continue we will reach another tree, which is behind this Kodama near a staircase.

Fifth: from the end point of the previous location we are going to go up the staircase that will take us to a narrow path, which leads us to continue to the right to find a cliff, we enter this, and we get this Kodama.

Sixth: we return by a narrow path that we pass and what we will do is go straight to the end, we will go right getting a closed cabin managing to find the last Kodama.

 In this sense, knowing Where to find dragged shadows in Kurama allows us to work on one of the many missions of Nioh 2.

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