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Nioh 2: How to build Dual Swords

2020-03-19 15:26:13

In the Nioh 2 universe we have many tasks to perform and one of these is How to build dual swords, here everything will be covered for you.

 In Nioh 2 we arrive at the moment of wanting to have a swordsman capable of handling Ninjutsu with the many abilities that exist, for this we have to understand how to build dual swords, being something of importance, this guide will give us the support we need, learning the statistics and skill points, therefore we have to pay adequate attention if we want to be clear about the details below.


Why build dual swords in Nioh 2?


 The construction of dual swords is in order to carry out fast and powerful attacks, apart from being able to enter and exit the combats, it will represent a great advantage, here the ninjutsu will play a role of great importance, with this we will be able to soften at a distance the enemies and prepare the recovery of our Ki, using light armor and dodging at high speed, running with fast attacks and High Ki Pool, make our enemy attack, dodging and striking at the ideal time for us to cause damage, using the sword of water we can stagger and cause large-scale damage to enemies, now we can see how to build dual swords.
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    How to build dual swords in Nioh 2?




     The skill plays a role of utmost importance in dual swords, so we must be focused on them for construction, the special effects of an armor, can be unlocked with the skill, even better our Ninjutsu will be possible, to improve even the damage that can cause with the bow, and rifles, if we want to obtain precise deaths with headshots, it is important that we know how to build dual swords, but the statistics are vital, one of them is Heart and Dexterity, in the case of Heart it has to give us more Ki and arc damage, having a lot of Ki it is possible to execute more blocks, dodge attacks, now Dexterity allows us to have an increase in our power and with it the Ninjutsu will have more ability to charge and cause damage at Nioh 2.


     Double swords and armor


     Our focus will be on How to build dual swords will be the skill, also here our best weapon is dual swords, but it is ideal to keep a secondary weapon to a Kusarigama, which will help us in the aim of enemies when necessary, for different positions We can choose up to two different dual swords, with the Mino Dual Uchigatana, which is responsible for reducing the consumption of low attack Ki and the Mino Dual tachi increasing the damage of attacks, depending on the posture we use it is possible to switch between weapons , the fundamentals for choosing dual swords must be focused on the damage caused with it and the consumption of Ki, causing more damage with the blows and consuming less Ki to give more blows, including also dodging backwards and recovering, the stance high can be the ideal, because in a short time we can cause more damage, now in the case of distance, we can choose to go with the bow and the barrel, so we will get The ammunition, the rifle spout combination is good to cause the maximum damage, with the rifle you can kill anything with a single shot, counting on the climbing ability and having mobility while aiming at Nioh 2.


     Construction armor


     It is broad to know how to build dual swords, here we have to focus on the special effects that we can cause with construction, we must look for the consumption of Dash Ki and what can drive our Ninjutsu, the intact can also be looked for, ammunition and elixir, we have 3 armors that can serve as supports for construction in Nioh 2.

    • Yokai Hunter: The stealth we will have will allow us to make tremendous stabs in the back, increasing the Yokai damage and giving us a life drain for making melee attacks
    • The Vicissitudes of life: With 3 pieces we can get 50 Ki, reducing as much as possible the consumption of our Ki ability, which will benefit the water sword, the melee damage we can cause to a Yokai will increase, but the better is the automatic recovery of life.
    • Servant of the Gods: Light armor, where with the sacred water we can send it to make a maximum recovery of our Ki, also helping the damage caused by the Yokai to allow us to heal with the due purification.
    • Skill building: In our journey to know how to build dual swords, we have that there are many skill trees, if we want a correct construction it is important to invest in the indicated sections of the trees, let's see what are the skills in Nioh 2.
    • Samurai: Our focus on this construction has to be on the left side of the skill tree, with which we will earn bonuses that will allow us to increase the damage we do with the Ki Pulse in a high position, and the same for the rifle and bow, We can not leave out this damage increase ability, since having it activated we can cause more damage to our enemies depending on the attribute we have of it, due to the use of the ability is the key that we find, the water sword and the cherry tree in bloom quickly, additionally there are some bonuses that allow us to improve our arrow and ammunition capabilities.
    • Ninja: The focus of this is for the offensive, this is how the skills tree works, in the weapon power bomb and the Shuriken we can put them in our hands if we seek to cause elemental damage, therefore we must find Shadow Arts, Raijin, Flaming Heon and Agua Yaroka. We start with the cannon power bomb to earn Ninjutsu points, getting sneak attack and sneak thief
    • Dual sword: Our start should be with the high stance, get the water sword and the cherry blossom, we have that the water sword is ideal vs those who present a worn Ki, it is possible to cause damage and the staggering of enemies Until the recovery of the Ki, the Mid-Stance branch will be our focus, this will give us block bonuses and counterattacks, the ability to slice randomly is good to do a lot of damage at close range, for the construction of double swords the Passive skills to achieve are as follows.

    Defense arts
    Full Moon Tachi and Kata Arts
    Mastery in hand-to-hand combat
    Passage to the afterlife and the armor piercer
    Shadow Strike

    • Magics of Onmyo: In this part, it is considerable that we get the barrier talisman so that the speed at which we will recover our Ki will be faster and be able to dissipate the Yokai kingdom into the pools.
    • Change: We must focus on the active abilities in Nioh 2 of customization of Lightning Arcana, because it will allow us to imbue an activated ability of lightning element, Ame-no-mithori, a passive that will allow us to improve lightning damage, We can combine it with other skills such as the water sword, sign of the cross, cherry blossom, we are close to completely solving the How to build dual swords.

    Guardian spirits


     As for How to build dual swords, we have that the guardian spirits will have a very important role, so doing it well will be an obligation, in Nioh 2 to carry out this construction, it is necessary that we find the Fierce Guardian, in terms of extra mobility and the dodge burst counter, we can go with Ame-No-Mitori, this being a great feral guardian spirit, this will be due to the speed it gives us to run and recover our Ki quickly, ideal in construction.


    Soul cores


     The last of the skills in response to How to build dual swords, we can say that the latter is a new feature in Nioh 2, with these we can add more skills and bonuses for construction, the first has to be the One-Eyed Oni, with the As we increase the damage of strong attack and torture, the Soul Core is the second, we use the Enki Soul Core in order to get extra range skills for low cost from Anima.

     We hope that the information detailed here on How to build dual swords has been very useful to improve your fun in Nioh 2.
    PlayStation 4 PS4
    Action role-playing
    Team Ninja
    Koei Tecm, Sony Interactive Entertainment
    Release date:
    March 13, 2020
    Single-player, multiplayer
    age rating (PEGI):

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