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Nioh 2: How to beat Enenra

2020-03-16 10:25:06

Once again we will talk about Nioh 2, where the explanation will focus on How to beat Enenra in detail.

In Nioh 2 there are many bosses that we are going to face, one of these will be Enenra, the base of this battle is in a place that is constantly full of flames, which will be a big problem, but in this guide will be the tips and steps to follow that support us in How to beat Enenra, we just have to pay adequate attention to the following content.

What should we know about Enenra at Nioh 2?

This is one of the most complicated bosses that we have to face, the weaknesses that it has are in the water and it uses fire, it is important that the water talismans have them loaded, the magic objects that resist fire will be our defense, it is also Able to show resistance to corruption and poison, it is key that we remain in this reading to find the answers to How to beat Enenra, so go ahead.

How to beat Enenra in Nioh 2?

Enenra has many attacks, which will mix very well against us, she has as a primary attack a basic blow, from which additional more or multiple kicks will also come out, starting from a kick, we have to block the blows and try to predict the moment of attack with the kick, we can certainly also block it, however it will be able to break our defense and leave us vulnerable, which will lead us to dodge to the side, we will get out of the path of its attack, if we succeed we can have advantage, the attacks with his smoke teleportation will be different, melee type, where he hits the head with the ground, after loading both hands, it will certainly be a hit with more impact but it is possible that we can attack for a second after make this move.

Our best opportunity will be to support ourselves in the environment that is surrounding us, achieving that their attacks end up impacting some of the pillars that are all over the room, enough water will fall on Enenra, which will cause much damage, at the time that Whether we are in the Yokai kingdom or it rises from the ground we have to move away quickly, as we will see it become a tornado of fire.

Also make some separate attacks, being an explosion, seeing that it glows red, it will launch in our direction with the tornado of fire, we must take time and count the explosions, it is possible that we failed at the beginning to want to counter this attack before that it impacts us, in the distance it calls the pillars of fire through the ground, before it makes a roar and hits the head on the ground, which will be easy to avoid, because they are slow, only to block it completely it will not be possible, which will lead us to receive some damage, the invocation of tornadoes of fire will be their other attack from a distance, the good thing is that they will be slow, so we are going to be able to avoid them if we move laterally, just by moving away enough, on the contrary, it is capable of nailing us against these tornadoes by getting into them.

We hope that the explanation presented here of How to beat Enenra will be useful for you to have fun in Nioh 2.

PlayStation 4 PS4
Action role-playing
Team Ninja
Koei Tecm, Sony Interactive Entertainment
Release date:
March 13, 2020
Single-player, multiplayer
age rating:

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