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In the Nioh 2 universe we will find ourselves with many tasks, one of which is How to beat the Yatsu-no-Kami snake boss and here you will know everything.

In Nioh 2 as we advance the enemies are stronger and more complicated, we get to the point of facing Yatsu-no-kami, a snake with other snakes that he has on his arm, this confrontation will cause us some problems, so we will have the endorsement of this guide, in order to help us defeat the snake boss Yatsu-no-Kami, so let's take into account the advice and guidelines that will be presented below.

What should we keep in mind of Yatsu-no-kami in Nioh 2?

In the same way as for other bosses, this confrontation will follow the same rules, so we have to consider some things, such as the weakness of Yatsu-no-kami, this will be to lightning, so obviously we have to have magic items that they are related to the Ninjutsu or the Onmyo before we enter, the resistance that it has, are to water, corruption and poison, the head is its weak point, but it will be difficult to keep up, highlighting its body if we see it well , we will be able to avoid many attacks with ease, let's see now How to beat the Yatsu-no-Kami snake boss from now on.
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    How to beat the Yatsu-no-Kami snake boss in Nioh 2?

    At first he will charge against us, after he turns away and murmurs on the head to which we will give some blows, it will be valuable to understand his attacks in general, health presents a meter of its own, when separating from the host when activating the yokai kingdom, which we It causes a serious setback, because being weak we will be attacked by 3 things, if we want to stop this, we have to focus on attacking one of its arms in order to kill it and then continue with the remaining arm, focus our attacks on one of its sides , when entering the yokai kingdom, surely one of his arms will stay alive even, with a yokai attack we will be able to finish it, which will be a determining factor because of how difficult it will be to face other additional enemies, it will be key to how to beat the Yatsu-no-Kami snake boss start like this.

    At the moment that we do this in the correct way, it will react, by putting its head on the ground it will wait for us to attack, this attack will be strong for us. We have to block and endure some blows, at the moment it opens its mouth, with the arms will hit us 3 times, we block and hit a few hits, instantly it will make a quick movement, in which it balances its body, we also have to block it before it reaches the pair of swings in Nioh 2.

    The burst attack will be a blow to the ground with the purpose of releasing a huge amount of blows, we have to perform a burst counter due to how difficult it is to dodge over time, as soon as we notice that it begins to blink red, we must give a few cuts on the head once it fails, the second burst attack comes, for this we will see the rush in a slide that executes and hits us with the horn nose that it has, it is difficult to counter, but if it hits the wall this will bounce, with the time learned it will be worth it, we have to make the grabbing movement more deadly, if we can dodge it but it will be a difficult challenge to do if we are close, we have to be at a considerable distance due to how deadly it usually is be this Yatsu-no.kami move.

    Looking for how to beat the head of the snake Yatsu-no-Kami the task is arduous and complicated, at this point when we see that he places his arms on the ground, we must move, the blockade we will do if we need to, because he will be able to end our guard and it will harm us, dodging will not be useful, from the ground we will see the 2 arms of the snake come out, seeking to catch us, we will go to the main body to cut off the arms many times, it will be the ideal form if we want to cause great damage to the arms, at a distance we will notice that this performs an attack with needles, we must dodge laterally and with patience this will fall at any time and thus we will defeat this boss in Nioh 2.

    Finally, now that we know how to beat the Yatsu-no-Kami snake boss, we can continue to advance in Nioh 2.

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