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Nioh 2: How to Respec Characters - Tips and tricks

2020-03-16 10:01:57

Today we are back for Nioh 2 and we bring you a guide where we will explain how to respect characters

Nioh2 is simply a learning game whose objective is to improve skills in order to increase the level of our character, but obviously it is a matter that does not arise alone and for this reason we are going to explain exactly how to respect characters to get a better handle on your skills.

How to respecify characters and restore skills in Nioh 2?

The first thing that we will need to restore characters and abilities is simply to make ourselves an object called the Book of Reincarnation, since with the breasts it offers the possibility of respecting our character as much as it seems, in addition to giving back the experience that we simply have has spent or Armita, and to this we add the Skill Points that we have assigned to him while we level up, only obviously this does not come out of nowhere, nor is it simply done without any value, it is necessary to meet some conditions before using to some valuable object.

How can I buy reincarnation books in Nioh 2?

This can only be done after talking to the blacksmith, while we are going on the second mission of the main story, because after talking to her we are offered the possibility of buying some objects through the map, only this is not free Because we must have enough coins, at least to buy the book of Reincarnation we must have 10,000 coins, since that is the cost.

The idea is to play several missions before proceeding to buy this book, in order to raise the necessary funds, since it is useful to reconstruct the statistics of our character but it requires having enough money, and if we do it when we start the game It will be very difficult for us because at that time it will be extremely expensive.

Is there an opportunity to buy multiple reincarnation books in Noih 2?

This has its good and bad news, as it is not always the best, but it has several pros and cons regarding the reincarnation method and how often they can be used.

Let's start with the bad news, they are always the first to arrive, the price of the Book of Reincarnation usually increases every time we go to buy it, that is, to respect our character several times more coins are required.

The good news and the most desired, there is the possibility of buying this book more than once, as this allows us to respect our character several times during a tour.

In one way or another this book is a pretty valuable item for which we need to get a fair amount of coins, so that we can experience restructuring our character and his abilities, just think and look on the bright side.

Finally, knowing how to respect characters is simply an interesting option that Nioh 2 presents us and we cannot miss it.

PlayStation 4 PS4
Action role-playing
Team Ninja
Koei Tecm, Sony Interactive Entertainment
Release date:
March 13, 2020
Single-player, multiplayer
age rating:

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