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Daniel Hidalgo
2020-09-24 21:08:39

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For those of you who want to know how to beat Megaera the fury in Hades, our article has got you covered.

Who is Megaera at Hades.

Before knowing how to beat Megaera the fury, you have to know that this is one of the boss battles that you will have to complete during the first area of ​​the game.

During this battle it will be very important to know when to dodge, when to run, where to step and other elements that will allow you to take victory, so if you want to know how to beat Megaera fury in Hades, we recommend you keep an eye on all the details that this guide will give you on how to beat Megaera the fury.

How to beat Megaera the fury in Hades.

To make it much easier to understand the process of this battle, we have divided the guide into three parts, which will allow you to better understand and perform much better in combat.

How to beat Megaera the fury in Hades - Part One.

At the start of the first part of the battle, Megaera will launch straight at you, luckily you have a chance to run away by yourself, just make sure you don't corner yourself and avoid running into the trap plaza on the sides of the room. When the boss stops and spreads up, it will do a spinning attack with a wide area of ​​effect. What you have to do is be ready to react by getting out of the way.

How to beat Megaera the fury in Hades - Part Two.

After dealing some damage to Megaera, it will begin to summon crowds to besiege you, plus it will try to get cheap shots and divide your attention with visual noise. So avoid the attacks of the crowds that will increase as the battle progresses.

In this part Megaera will fire a shot into the air that will crash with three or more AoE indicators, these shots will chase you four times. The AoE ring group will change the formation, so if you want to avoid being hit you will have to run and save the races for near misses, which will allow you to recover.
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How to beat Megaera the fury in Hades - Third part.

The last boss attack will be a bullet spread that comes out in rows, forming a circle of lanes. When she turns you will have to follow the curve very carefully when you are in a safe place, avoid going out of her reach or things will get bad.

After surviving some of these volleys, you will win the fight if you deal constant damage to Megaera. The key in this battle is to identify the attack animations and know how to move safely in the face of dangers. Getting ahead of their attacks is key here.

Boons equipment will also be of great use as well as other artifacts.

Remember that after this battle you will meet Megaera at other times during some races and in the office.

 So ends our guide on how to beat Megaera the fury in Hades and now that you have everything you need to win this battle, things should be very easy for you, just take into account all the recommendations to win as quickly as possible.

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