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2020-09-23 12:48:25

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If you're wondering how to get all the legendary blessings in Hades, in this one we cover everything you need to know about it.

What are Legendary Blessings in Hades?

Before telling you how to get all the legendary blessings, you have to know that they are a series of benefits that come in the form of a normal, rare or epic variety. There are a total of 12 Legendary Blessings in the game, each of which has some requirements that you must meet in order to obtain it. So just pay attention because we are going to tell you how to get all the legendary blessings in Hades.

How to get all the legendary blessings in Hades?

As we just mentioned, there are a total of 12 legendary blessings in Hades and here we will tell you in detail how to get ALL the legendary blessings, step by step.
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  • Challenge (chaos).

We started our guide on how to get all the legendary blessings in Hades with this blessing to get 1 Death Defiance. The renura disappears when you die in that race but you can replace it with the Kiss of Styx, as if it were a normal slot. It requires any blessings from Chaos to fall.

  • Divine Protection (Athena).

This blessing grants you a barrier that negates the damage received, it has a block cooldown of 20 seconds and any attack that is successful does not remove the barrier, it requires any of these advantages:

Brilliant response.

Divine Strike, Divine Flourish, Divine Dash, or Holy Shield.

  • Fully charged (Artemis).

This blessing grants you a molten crystal for your spell and increases your ammunition to two, it requires any of these advantages:

Hunter's Mark, Exit Wound, or Supporting Fire

  • Greatest memory (Hermes).

This blessing will make your cast automatically return to you after it falls, for it you will have to choose these blessings, and one of the finals:

Burst launch or fast reload.

The Mirror of the Infernal Soul ability is active.

  • Huge catch (Poseidon).

This boon increases your chances of finding Fishing Point in each of the chambers by 20 percent and the boon removes the requirement to spawn the cameras from the last fishing point, it requires any of these perks:

Ocean bounty and sunken treasure.

  • Bad news (Hermes).

This boon causes your cast to deal more damage to enemies with the molten crystal on them, requiring one of each:

Flood Shot, Poseidon Aid, Tempest Blossom, Test Strike, or Tidal Onslaught.

Crashing Wave, Razor Shoals, or Typhoon Fury.

  • Black Out (Dionysus).

This boon causes enemies affected by the hangover to take bonus damage from Holiday Mist, increasing it to 100