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2020-09-24 08:27:52

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Guide to learn how to fish in Hades

  If you are a fan of Greek Mythology the name of Hades is familiar to you about the underworld. In this game you have the opportunity to learn how to fish in Hades. So that you can get the rewards it offers you, so in this guide we will teach you that.

How to fish in Hades?

If you catch fish in the game, but you can make them the chef in the House of Hades after a race to get some rewards. Fish can be delivered for gemstones, atonic keys, nectar and darkness of different amounts, depending on the rarity of the fish.

If you don't turn them in after a race, you will lose them, so don't forget to do so every time you die. You can check what the rewards are for each one here.
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To get these fish is very easy if you have played Animal Crossing new Horizons before because the mechanics are similar. So the first thing to do is buy the fishing rod from the home contractor. It costs a diamond and it won't appear on the shopping list right away. Of course, you have to beat the Bone Hydra boss in Asphodel (the second area) and get the reward from him.

After unlocking enough items with the Contractor's Gemstone, who sits to the right of the very Hades, you will see the bar there to unlock. Then buy it and head out to try and escape the underworld. You will notice bright spots in water / lava in various places around the world. When you're close, you can press R on Switch (E on PC) to accomplish this action.

Cast the hook and you will have to press the interaction button again to reel it in once you have bitten. The rod will swing through the water twice before a bite occurs on the third, at which point you must press R / E to catch the fish.

 Now that you know how to fish in Hades you can capture different species to obtain the different benefits that it brings you.