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Lidia Rozo
2020-09-24 20:27:52

More about: Hades

Hades has some interesting amount of characters and therefore it is important to know how to unlock Thanatos, let's see.

Who is Thanatos in Hades?

  This is one of the NPCs, we can observe him at the beginning of the chamber to challenge Zagreus, defeating him can allow us to opt for some rewards, it is also important to consider that his appearance can become random, this is a character that can give us some amount of Boons , an interesting detail along with the bonuses that can perfectly serve us to make our careers become a little less complex,
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How to unlock Thanatos in Hades?

 It is possible to get with this character more than once, it is not a guarantee that it can occur in the same place, however if we manage to meet him, it is possible to give him nectar since with this we can get the Memory of the Pierced Butterfly from the, a detail that is directly related as a romantic detail.

 As soon as we give jars of Nectar to Thanatos we are offered the possibility of unlocking the scene between Thanatos and Zagreus, it is necessary to progress in our relationship with him and for this we must fight to get out of the underworld without requiring help from Thanatos, since when we see him again we can count on the possibility of reaffirming our affinity to make Zargreus fall in love with him when we give him Ambrosia.

 This is all we know about How to unlock Thanatos, because it is only necessary to choose to offer him nectar, in fact we get him to fall in love and live an interesting romance in Hades.

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