Angel Marquez
2021-01-27 08:04:44

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We have to consider some necessary requirements to do so, one of them is that our relationship of 6 hearts with Skelly, by giving him 6 nectars and the unlocking of 4 aspects of the weapons that are not from Zagreus, should only be in relation to Zag the aspects Of these, as long as we have fulfilled this, we will have the quest to kill him with the Stygian Blade, only that it requires the unlocking of the Zagreus aspect of level 5, which has a cost of 5 Titan Blood, once we have it we will be able to kill Skelly so that he is released from the contract, managing to complete the eternal rest, but he can still be supplied with ambrosia so that 9 hearts reach the maximum ratio.

  It is clear that knowing How to complete Skelly's favor allows us to have more fun in Hades.