Lidia Rozo
2020-09-23 08:32:32

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Our guide to Hades today leads us to tell you How to get diamonds.

What are diamonds in Hades?

These are simply a rather rare type of currency, it is very difficult to find it is not possible to find them by clearing cameras during our races, because this game allows us to go through a little history through the route so it is interesting that you take a look and Be a part of everything that it brings, because knowing how to get diamonds easily is part of the necessary tasks to be done.

How to get diamonds in Hades?

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Through the Pact of Punishment: as we progress things can become somewhat more complicated in this game, and this allows us to level up, by defeating the Bone Hydra in Asphodel we have the possibility of receiving a diamond as a reward.

Cultivated: There is a possibility that diamonds will be cultivated by Lernae's Bone Hydra when we reach high levels.

  • We can get diamonds by cleaning Asphodel for the first time.
  • We can get diamonds by completing the prophecies on the predestined list.
  • We can buy them at Charon's store for $ 1,000 gold.

Here is a list of the use that we can put diamonds in the Contractor's new home improvements as soon as we buy or get them:

  • Destined keys.
  • The shiny gems.
  • Launch of black darkness.
  • The victor's tower.
  • The fishing rod.
  • The luxury of the Contractor's desk.
  • The sentence of the court musician.
  • The sacrifice of the hero.
  • The painting of the God of the dead.
  • The nectar of the harvest.
  • The singer's bet.
  • The painting of fury of the sisters.
  • Alternative exits.
  • The shortcut to the great hall.
  • The premium rotating sphere.
  • The darkest thirst.
  • Everything in sight of the cage of the bats.
  • The Judgment of the Rogue King.
  • The disgusting sphere prism.
  • Death and me.
  • Administrative privilege.
  • THE final expense.
  • The painful way.
  • The splendid lyre.
  • The mouth of Styx.
  • The court music booth.
  • The primordial chaos.
  • The embedded.
  • The river of flame.
  • Out of Tartarus.
  • The prince painting.
  • The final expense.
  • The king and the bull.
  • The Exalted.
  • The scourge of the furies.
  • From Olympus.
  • Lament of Orpheus.
  • The miserable shadows.
  • Good bypass.
  • The God of the dead.
  • The last words.
  • Hell's doors.
  • The hymn to Zagreus.
  • Through Asphodel.

Now that you know how to get diamonds and give them their respective use, it is time to go for them in Hades, give it a try.