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Knowing how to get all the hidden aspects is necessary in Hades, let's see how this is achieved.

Why unlock the hidden Aspects in Hades?

  It is necessary to make it clear that the weapons have 3 aspects and then a hidden aspect or rather a legendary aspect, which ends up being necessary for our careers, since unlocking a weapon as such could be hidden and having this hidden aspect is visible for its possible use, because in this game it is possible to grow quickly which leads us to know how to obtain all the hidden aspects since the weapon system here is quite complex, a detail that allows us to have an interesting difficulty in the game, as well as its potential change of pace.
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    How to get all the hidden aspects in Hades?

     It is necessary to consider that the most important aspect that we must unlock is Guan Yu, because this allows us to have the possibility of unlocking the other aspects, to achieve this it is only necessary to proceed to disburse 5 Blood of Titan in a weapon and then take someone who have knowledge about the legendary history, the probability of having to fight a lot to get the dialogue is normal, since it is possible to rely on the use of memories of the gods to get them in most cases, however others like Choas or Asterius they only require specific details of the Charan pools.

    What are the hidden aspects in Hades?

    •  The spear: this is possible to get after accumulating some hidden aspects for which it is necessary to speak with Achilles, it is an Aspect of Guan Yu.
    • The Bow: It is necessary to invest at least 5 Blood of Titan in Arches, it is necessary to speak with Artemis and it is an aspect of Rama.
    • The Sword: This allows us to invest 5 blood titan and talk with Nyx after having unlocked the aspect of Guan Yu, to get the aspect of Arthur.
    • The Fist: it is necessary to speak with Asterius being alone after having invested 5 titan blood, then we proceed to look for the skull icon in the reward chamber of Elysium to get the aspect of Gilgamesh.
    • The Shield: it is necessary to speak with Chaos after investing 5 Titan Blood, to get the Beowulf aspect.
    • The Gun: it is necessary to speak with Zeus after investing 5 Titan Blood and achieving the Lucifer aspect.


     This is all we know about how to get all the hidden aspects, since it is only necessary to have Titan's blood mostly in Hades.

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