Angel Marquez
2020-10-01 09:32:05

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With our Hades guide you will learn more about How to beat Charon.

  We find a game where it is necessary to use all our capacities to the maximum, it is Hades, this once we come to face many kinds of enemies, but taking into account that the challenge is with the bosses, because we have in this occasion one of them Charon we must win, it is one of the secret bosses and to understand how to beat Charon you have to follow some indications, for that reason we have the content of this guide and that will come later, let's pay attention to the following.
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What to know about Charon in Hades?

 It is necessary that before the beginning of the fight we give reasons to this boss to fight, so it is necessary to reach a level of our relationship with this reaching the penultimate heart, with a bottle of nectar this can happen, if we are lucky we will get borrowed the obols, it is Charon's collectible coins and this when entering his store, but without being in the boss's room, in this way to irritate him we will borrow the bag of obols, which will cause a teleportation to an area called Erebus, which will take us to the beginning of the battle, now it is ideal that we move on to see How to beat Charon in the details that come next, so let's keep reading.

 How to beat Charon in Hades?

 During the fight there are 4 attacks to consider from this boss, these being the following:


  •  Stun: once we are very close to it, it makes use of a wave that will end up stunning us and making us go back
  • Rowing stroke: it will cause us great damage by giving us a couple of hits with a wide range in our direction
  • Wave of the ground: it is a wave sent by it dragging everything in its path and it is considerable that it uses more than one in advance of the battle
  • Wave of clouds: throughout the environment of the east field, it will be sending a wave of clouds from the four possible places of the platform where we are, depending on the health that Charon has, this will change the pattern and is capable of instantly making multiple waves


 It is necessary that we keep in constant movement, since the opposite will be to be exposed to its different waves of attacks and more if you are, they will come from different directions, getting close would also be a mistake due to its stun attack, the speed is remarkable of This boss, also the scope is equally large, so for this battle it is necessary that we use the best weapons, among which are the eternal spear, heart bow and Adam's rail, when we finish with this battle of ours but it is a 20 percent discount at Charon's stores for what we have left of the game and we will also receive the obols.

 Finally, now that we know how to beat Charon we can move on in Hades.