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Knowing how to have an affair with Dusa is part of the tasks to be executed in Hades, let's see.

What is the point of having an affair with Dusa in Hades?

This game has different activities for us and knowing How to have an affair with Dusa is one of them, although it is true, this cannot be associated as a type of intimacy because this is a shadow in the shape of a floating Gorgon's head, and It is usually only forged as a type of eternal friendship, for which it will be necessary to take care of doing everything in our power with the goal of earning their affection and therefore the gifts that it usually has.

How to romance Dusa in Hades?

It is necessary to do some important activities to reach romance and this implies:
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    Give Nectar to Dusa: this is the first task that we must do, as you can see Dusa is an employee in the house of Hades, in this sense, finding her tidying up and cleaning is usually part of nature, in this sense, we can approach with the object to give her Nectar so that she can give us the memory of the harpy feather that has the ability to give us more possibilities that healing objects can appear from the broken urns, in this sense, knowing how to have an affair with Dusa It will lead to giving Dusa a total of 6 Nectars, only this will lead us to do her a favor before she can accept more nectar and thus advance the relationship, in this sense, we must take into account that the favor for Dusa in Hades usually:

    Do a total of 12 renovations for the "Hades's House Hall" and it has these particular tasks to perform:

    • Perform a service, deep clean the Cerberus fur.
    • Execute a detailed repair service for the damage caused by Cerberus.
    • Add some rug.

    Choose to give Dusa the Ambrosia and find the companion Fidi: we continue working on How to have an affair with Dusa and for this it will be necessary to get Fidi, this is because it is usually vital to be able to summon Dusa and with it unleash a barrage of shots, in this sense, it is vital to give Dusa 1 Ambrosia, but it does not necessarily mean that we will give him only this one, a total of 4 are necessary for the romantic phase, however, to achieve maximum affinity a total of of 10 ragweed.

    Achieving the romance completely leads us to give her 10 Ambrosias, only after giving her the last one, she confesses that she is not interested in having an intimate relationship, however, we agree to maintain an eternal friendship in Hades and that is enough, because this is a different type of love, in this sense, it will be necessary to return and talk to Dusa a little later where we can discover that she will return the last Ambrosia that we have given her, here there are no repercussions to agree to romance with other characters different, failing that we can take advantage of this returned Ambrosia to deepen other relationships.

     Now that you know how to have a romance with Dusa, it's time to do a few activities and thereby forge an eternal friendship in Hades.

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