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Now that Hades has been released there are many users wondering who to give nectar to and that is what we will answer here today.

What is the nectar in Hades?

In a previous article we talked about how to get it and if you read it, you will remember that nectar is one of the most useful items in the game and although most of the inventory items are lost when you die, the nectar remains with you even in death.

You can gift nectar to any of the characters in the House of Hades, however, it can be difficult to choose who to give it to and we will help you with that.

Who to give nectar in Hades?

The best options for this early-game gift are Cerberus, Skelly, and Nyx, as their resources are tremendously helpful and will allow you to quickly advance your career.
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    Cerberus's keepsake is the Ancient Spiked Necklace and gives you 25 to your starting health.

    Skelly's memory is the lucky tooth, allowing you to defy death and revive with 50 health when you die once per race.

    While Nyx's memory is the black shawl, which will allow you to increase the damage you deal to undamaged enemies and the damage you do from behind.

    You should bear in mind that you will not get a souvenir every time you give someone nectar, but this will allow you to know how long you need to get it. You will receive the memory of a character when you fill the heart with a bow, which is usually the first heart of most of the characters.

      Now that you know who to give nectar to in Hades we hope you can make good use of this element, keep in mind that it is a rather rare resource, so knowing who to give it to is very important.

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