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Guide to learn how to have romance with characters in Hades

 For those who do not know this game, it is an interactive role where you are a character named Zagreus who is nothing more and nothing less the son of Hades, the God of the Underworld in Greek mythology. The game is about Zagreus' ongoing struggle to escape from his father's domain. So at some point in the game you may wonder if you can develop romance here, so in this guide we will explain how to develop this area in the game.

How to have romance with characters in Hades?

To start having an affair with a character in this game, you will have to gift him some nectar. Some characters will reward you with different companions when you do, but if you want to increase your affinity between you and the character, you will have to keep giving them Nectar and doing missions for them.

After giving them nectar, you can talk to them and receive quests. Complete these missions to continue progressing in your relationship. Usually, giving away about six jars of nectar will spark this conversation.

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You can also gift them Ambrosia if you have already completed all the missions. The ambrosia, the only detail is that this is a rare coin and you may want to keep your horses there.

Characters with Romantic Interactions

The main available characters that you can fall in love with are:

  • -Megaera
  • -Dusa
  • -Thanatos

Apart from these main characters, you can also have an affair with Skelly, Sisyphus, and Achilles because Greek mythology never shies from extraordinary partners. In addition, the approach to romance is also almost the same for all characters, that is, giving Nectar so you don't have to worry about it.

  Now that you know how to have romance with characters in Hades you will be able to achieve a better interaction with these characters to develop the romance between them to create your own story with the Greek gods.

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