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Lidia Rozo
2020-09-28 16:38:34

More about: Hades

Hades definitely has a lot of enemies that need to be shot down and this leads us to tell you how to beat Theseus and Asterius, let's see.

Who is Theseus and Asterius in Hades?

  It is necessary to understand that knowing how to defeat Theseus and Asterius means approaching an extremely difficult encounter, because if we start to detail everything well it is possible to understand that they are two powerful enemies, which makes it necessary to be properly prepared for what is yet to come, because it is important to remember that before the events of Hades Theseus was simply a king who got Asterio in the labyrinth and shot him dead, but as at this moment obviously Teso has also died decided to fix the problems with the minotaur to carry out a joint fight.
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How to beat Theseus and Asterius in Hades?

 One of the most relevant actions that we must do is to fight against these two enemies, it is important to have good movements, because each one tends to make their own movement, on the one hand there is Theseus who usually stays in the center to attack us, however, Asterius is faster and will choose to move to constantly chase us.

 To start the fight and know how to beat Theseus and Asterius it is important to understand that specifically Asterius has two phases, where he will execute the same movements, it is also vital to practice considerably and this is because we must be as attentive as possible since This will try to charge against us for which it will try to hit the pillars in Hades.

 The movements that Asterius performs are:

  •  A dual movement ax combo but one that is duly difficult to dodge.
  • The second move is an ideal screen jump to put it to use for ourselves in Hades, although it may be used when using the ax combo.
  • He will choose to charge us relentlessly, which makes us have to consider some maneuvers to avoid it and that somehow he can crash against the pillars to be somewhat stunned.


 Now, as Theseus chose to stay in the center this will try to attack us in some way, this alone or not the same will do it, because he is interested in attacking us with a spear from a certain distance, which has a certain sound very similar to that of a missile, so our option is to go hide behind a pillar, of course it is also necessary to understand that there are occasions in which knowing how to beat Theseus and Asterius can become somewhat more complex than expected because they chose to join, because Asterio will do everything possible to throw Theseus at us so that he can make an explosive wave, but this helps us to dodge and strengthen us a little about to get them to have half health, but this means that he will carry a little more power against us at Hades.

 Theseus manages to enter phase two and choose to ask for his Olympic help, for which he does everything possible to charge against us through our own attacks, which leads us to observe that Theseus activated his blessings that are reflected on our screen as circles AoE, which leads us to have to dodge considering that Theseus' spear is active and it can be delicate if it touches us, however, if we do our best to constantly dodge and knock down one, it is possible that the other store will charge. harshly, which leads us to be as vigilant as possible to win.

 This is all we know about how to beat Theseus and Asterius, as it is a complicated but necessary fight that we must carry out in Hades.

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