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Hades has undoubtedly arrived to keep us busy, so today we tell you how to unlock companions

What are companions in Hades?

 The game as soon as it was launched has had a total of 6 companions and therefore knowing how to unlock companions is usually an important task, since they are practically legendary memories of Hades that allow us to understand that they are directly related to equip a unique Summoning ability .

How to unlock companions in Hades?

 One of the most necessary things to be able to unlock companions is to give nectars to different characters, because with this we get to see the affinity meter in the Codex, which allows us to have the possibility of having to complete a favor for them, and even choose for giving Ambrosia as a gift so that we can get a partner, but this cannot be there, because in the same way it is necessary to equip ourselves for which it is necessary to get to the patio display case, because before this it is necessary to check that our partner is equipped , since after being there there is no going back.

 It is important to consider that the companions can be improved since it is only necessary to have some amount of Ambrosia and go to the showcase to equip the companion, the idea of ​​this is to update it as much as possible.

 Below we offer you the list of companions available in Hades.

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Mort: we can get a maximum of 3,500 damage to all the enemies that may be in front of us, but it is not possible to use it against the final boss, this allows us to unlock Thanatos and has an upgrade cost of 10 Ambrosia.

Battie: allows us to summon the companion to cause at least 2,500 damage to the enemies that may be in front of us, we cannot use it against any of the Fury sisters or the last boss, it allows us to unlock Megaera and it is necessary to have 10 Ambrosia.

Shady: This allows us to have the call that causes at least 1,000 damage, it will give us HP, Obol and Darkness, it is necessary to unlock Sisyphus and we must have 10 Ambrosia.

Antos: this invocation can cause at least 1,500 damage to 2 enemies that are in front, it is not possible to use it against the final boss, we can get Achilles unlocked and for this it is necessary 10 Ambrosia.

Rib: this invocation allows us to divert the attention of the enemies, only that it is not possible to use it against Charon, with it it is possible to unlock Rib and we require 10 Ambrosia.

Fidi: this invocation allows us to receive shots for 15 seconds, each shot has the ability to inflict 70 damage and it is not possible to use it against the last boss, it is necessary to have 10 Ambrosia and it allows us to unlock Dusa.

This is all you need to know about how to unlock companions, because it is only necessary to be prepared to fight in Hades

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