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2020-07-30 09:50:39

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Our journey through Grounded allows us to focus in a certain way on nature, as this allows us to understand where to find sap

What does Grounded bring to us?

 Just the idea of ​​being immersed in a world where it is necessary to survive allows us to understand the magnitude of the game, because at first the panorama is a bit complex because it is necessary to adapt to the situation, where there will be some large monsters interested in disturbing us. For this reason, it is necessary to know where to find the sap, as this is part of the present panorama and our need to settle in a certain place.

 Our job is to survive at all costs, even if this involves making some recipes, on some occasions we will probably find some small elements but in the same way each one of them fulfills a necessary function allowing that knowing where to find the sap is simply an easy task in Grounded, as this is nothing more than a craft project to which we will have access.
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    Where to find sap in Grounded?

     In this game we find a considerable amount of trees and bushes, this is simply favorable for our objective, but we are not the only ones interested in getting wise, because the ants also need it, it is their food and we must be attentive to them, other creatures The ones we must deal with are the spiders that will be looking for the same resource.

     The sage globules are in the branches, so it will be necessary to explore a little, because this process implies having to crawl only that we will not do it in vain since we have the possibility of getting some treasures, among which is the Analyzer of Resources, as this means that we are on the right track for Grounded since we are lucky enough to detect a signal, which implies activating the computer with the Resource Analyzer to unlock some new recipes in which the sap is included.

     Definitely knowing where to find sap is an interesting task, since the sap has many options for use in Grounded and we cannot ignore it.

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