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Guide to learn how to make woven fiber in Grounded

  In the Grounded game you must be constantly looking for materials for later use in various activities. It is always the case that some materials are much easier to find than others, so you have to strive looking for more of the one that takes the longest to appear, which in this case would be the woven fiber, so we will teach you everything what you need to find this material.
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    How to make woven fiber in Grounded?

    In order to create this material, the first thing you have to find is the plant fiber. This is found in small plants that grow across the map. Just take a little and then head over to the Analyzer at the field station, which is marked on the map with the purple tent icon.

    Place part of the vegetable fiber in the analyzer and proceed to analyze it. This will break down the item you put inside, but it will also tell you about anything you can do with the item, in this case Woven Fiber. Now that you know the Woven Fiber recipe, you can open the Crafting Menu and then go to the Materials tab.

    Here you will find the woven fiber, and you can create it like any other recipe in the game. The analyzer is an extremely important tool for learning about everything it can do, so be sure to analyze the various resources and items you find.

     Now that you know how to make woven fiber in Grounded, you can do more activities with this important material in the game. Luck!

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