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The action in Grounded does not stop, so we will explain where to find spade gulch.

What to know about spade gulch in Grounded?

spade gulch is one of the many missions that will be assigned to us in the game, once we know the provider, who assigns us a total of 3 daily missions and for them we earn as a reward the importance currency in the game, now When we reach a certain point, the Robot that has been the supplier, gives us the present mission among the daily objectives, now to understand where to find spade gulch in more details, let's continue with the content that comes now.
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    Where to find spade gulch in Grounded?

    To complete this quest it is necessary to build a trail marker, which requires some materials such as clover leaf x1, vegetable fibers x2 and branches x2, once we build it it is possible to complete the mission, which we will find in the area eastern of the map, it is a ravine that is surrounding a shovel that has a large size and is located just east of the mysterious machine, here are some acorns and leaves nearby, we will see that the shovel will be protruding from the ground, we only have that examining the area, already finishing with the construction of the marker, the mission will have been completed, it is certainly something different from other situations in the game, it is ideal that we succeed in the missions in order to continue progressing.

     In this way we finish our Grounded guide, now you know where to find spade gulch, just follow the steps and enjoy it to the fullest.

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