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An important task in Grounded is knowing where to find quartzite and here we are going to tell you how to do it.

What is the quartzite in Grounded?

As we move forward we get some structures that have normally been damaged by some giant bugs, since they usually patrol, but this simply has a solution and is quartzite, since this is a very useful resource, it is vital to have it with us already that the walls of our house can be destroyed at any time and this resource can be crucial, the important thing is that there is a considerable amount for us on these sides.
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    Where to find quartzite in Grounded?

    This is a valuable resource that is found underground, so the task begins to enter an excavation process, since the idea is to go to dark places, for this it is necessary to have a flashlight, because in the dark there could be bugs, and this It could be a problem with not having visibility.

    The laser cable is underground and this usually weakens the laser, this is particularly due to the small insects that are found there, so we will be well prepared with our pebble hammer as it ends up being a highly valuable tool especially when we are in somewhat complicated situations.

    Once we excavate and take quartzites, it is time to return once more to the camp, as these serve us to make other necessary implements such as the spray collector since it is a necessary device to collect clean water and thus maintain our high resistance .

     This is all we know about where to find quartzite, as we only focus on digging places underground, being fundamental elements for many things in Grounded.

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