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Insects are constant enemies in Grounded and this allows us to show you how to kill the giant spider

What are spiders in Grounded?

  These are nothing more than insects that we meet on our trip, they are quite disgusting, they are usually large, they can be complex since they can choose to eliminate us, since they usually generate some forceful blows, so there is no need to have mercy and proceed to eliminate them especially because they seek to get from the patio, because obtaining them is not so difficult since they are usually located in the great oak tree in the north of the map.
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    How to kill the giant spider in Grounded?

    This is a real fight and for this it is necessary to make use of some necessary elements, in addition to placing some space between the spider and us, since the idea is to catch it and for this we can choose to use some rocks and arrows until we can eliminate it, the idea is to get us in the middle of a place where it is difficult for her to cope.

     Arrows are simply the best tool to use in this game when killing spiders, although the possibility of jumping on rocks or branches is also feasible since it can be relatively low, the important thing about all this is to do it quickly before another try to do it because this is a task that we can execute in multiplayer.

     This is all we can contribute about how to kill the giant spider, as we only use some resources and strength in Grounded.

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