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Grounded: How to kill a Bombardier Beetle

2020-07-30 12:26:39

For today we prepare a complete and quick article with everything you need to know about how to kill a bomber beetle on Earth.

What a son the ground bomber beetles.

This is another of the insects that you can find in the game, they have the ability to spit on you with a substance that is capable of damaging and stunning you, so it represents a rather tough enemy that we teach you how to defeat today.

How to kill a ground bomber beetle.

The first thing you have to know is that if you want to get out of a fight like this alive, keeping your distance will be an important key, since you want to avoid being hit by the harmful substance at all costs.

As for the weaponry for this battle, a bow and lots of arrows is what you need. To build an arch you will need:

  • Mosquito fuzz x 4.
  • Woven fiber x 2.
  • While for arrows it requires:
  • Mite Fuzz x 2.
  • Thistle Needle x 5.

We recommend attacking from a high enough point, such as a large rock or branch, attacking and shooting as many arrows as possible until killing him and dodging his substance when he spits at you.

This is the end of our article on how to kill a bomber beetle on Earth, that is all you need to know and as you may have noticed it is not difficult to eliminate this insect, the most important key is to have the weapons and always keep as high as possible for this A salvo.

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