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Now that Grounded has been released, you will probably wonder how to make an Axe, and that is precisely what we are going to tell you here.

What is an Axe in Grounded.

It is not only the first weapon you get, but the most important in the game. This one will allow you to collect additional materials that will help you unlock and obtain many more tools, weapons, and items on Earth, plus you will need it if you want to complete the Mysterious Machine mission. Be that as it may, here we will tell you how to obtain it.
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    How to craft an Axe in Grounded.

    Below we will list the ingredients you will need to get to make your own Axe:

    • 1 woven fiber.
    • 2 pebbles.
    • 3 sprigs.

    Twigs and pebbles can be found easily all over the game map, while Woven Fiber takes a little more effort, as it's made from Plant Fiber, which you can thankfully find on the ground. In order to create 1 Woven Fiber, you will need to first get 3 plant fiber.

    When you have the necessary ingredients you will have to access the crafts tab and search for c

    (See our Grounded Woven Fiber guide for more details.) With all the materials in hand, open your inventory, navigate to the Crafting tab and press to create a Pebble Axe.

    You should keep in mind that this Axe is the weakest cutting element in the game, however it is capable of doing its job perfectly at least until it is damaged because its durability is poor.

     That is all you need to know about how to make an Axe in Grounded, we hope that now that you know all this you can take it into account and manage to build this useful tool whenever you need it.

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