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Today we bring you a Grounded guide where we will explain how to get berry leather.

What to know about berry leather in Grounded?

This is made with pieces of berries, it is a vitally important resource, but you must consider some factors prior to wanting to understand how to obtain berry leather, naturally it is not possible to harvest it, we must locate it and for this we will face a series of obstacles, it wants To say that preparation is vital to face the different situations that we will face when going to a special place to find the mentioned resource, now for more answers follow the following content.
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    How to get berry leather in Grounded?

    Berry leather is only possible by means of a workbench, firstly it is necessary that we get 3 pieces of berries, for this we must focus on the southeast end of the map, since it is necessary that we do the construction, but there are also to unlock the recipe, going back to the southeast of the map, we have that here is a large bush and which cannot be crossed, because in that bush the berries are growing, with a bow we can get the 3 pieces we need, another option is to use an ax to cut them, taking into account some bugs present here, already achieved, now we have to obtain the recipe when putting the sap in an analyzer, being this one of twigs x4, sap x2 and grass boards x3 , with everything ready the final step is to interact with the workbench and voila.

     Finally, now that we know how to obtain berry leather we can continue on Grounded.

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